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Issues to be considered when selecting hose, ducting or tubing.

WALL THICKNESS (0.1).- I.D.)/2

Exceeding the minimum bend radius will Often cause the hose to "kink". Bend radius is calculated with the hose full and at normal working pressure. Hoses with an internal steel wire or plastic helix tend to have smaller bend radii than cord or fabric reinforced hoses.

WORKING PRESSURE or VACUUM? Delivery hoses working under positive pressure are reinforced, usually with synthetic cord or fabric, to prevent swelling Or bursting. The working pressure of our hoses is shown in the relevant data sheets together with the safety factors before burst pressure is reached. Suction hoses usually have a built in steel wire in addition to the synthetic cord or fabric reinforcement or rigid plastic helix to prevent collapse under vacuum. The wire helix also tends to resist kinking when bendin the hose t. htly. Tubings have no reinforcement and rely upon the wall thickness to Offer resistance to pressure or vacuum.
FLOW RATE? Flow rates vary according to the pressure, the bore size and the smoothness Of hose lining. It also affected by curvature of the hose.

TEMPERATURE R ANGE? Many hoses, particularly PVC hoses, loose working pressure and other physical properties as temperatures increase. PVC and other types of plastic hose tend to become less easy to flex as temperatures reduce. Working temperature ranges are shown on Our product Data Sheets

MEDIA TO BE CARRIED? The lining of the hose is designed to work with specific media e.g. a water hose may not be suitable for use with fuels or very abrasive materials.

CHEMICAL RESISTANCE? We have a wide knowledge Of the most appropriate type Of hose lining for specific chemicals. Please enqulre.

FOOD QUALITY? Check for FDA or similar approval for use with foodstuff or drinking water, There are different requirements for use with alcohol, fruit juices, dry food, and oily foods. Also check sterilization requirements if appropriate. Please check our Data sheet or enquire

EXTERN AL ENVIRONMENT? Weather, Ozone, Oils, Abrasion, resistance to crushing, temperature range. These all affect the choice of hose. Please enquire if in doubt

RECOMMENDED FITTINGS? Correct fitting is essential. PED regulations apply to hose assemblies exceeding 0.5Bar W.p. Hose World Ltd can provide complete assemblies with Certificates of Conformity if advised at the time the order is placed.

ELECTRICAL CONTINUITY? Anti-static properties can be provided by the hose lining or cover material or by incorporating a conductive wire in the construction . Check our Product Data Sheet for information or enquire.

COLOUR CODING? Hoses and tubings can be supplied in different coloured covers to assist in differentiating between applications.

METERED QU ANTITIES or DOSAGE? Hoses delivering precise metered quantities need to have appropriate reinforcement to prevent changes in volume under pressure. The I.D. and O.D. of tubes are important in accurate peristaltic pump dosing.

Hose World staff will assist with the selection of best hose solutions - please call us

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